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Wellness Event Ideas

Create Your Wellness Event


Every member of your team should know that you appreciate their performance and their loyalty.

Book a corporate wellness day package, and our certified esthetician will come to you. Service options include mini-facials, chair massages, skin care education, and more.

Contact us to customize the best package to woo entry-level, mid-level, and c-suite members alike.

Company Luncheon

Office Gathering

Christmas Party


After months (or years) of wedding planning, it’d be a shame to exchange vows with the heavy burden of stress on your shoulders.

Pre-ceremony massages for the bride and groom are just what the doctor ordered.

Our certified massage therapist will come to you on your big day to help soothe away any jitters and help get you down the aisle relaxed and rejuvenated.

Contact us to discuss session options and bridal party packages.

Bride & Groom Wedding Day

Wedding Reception

Rehearsal Dinner

Wellness Retreat

A wellness retreat signals to your team that you care about more than just hitting company milestones.

And adding a relaxing massage lets them know that you are deeply concerned about their overall health.

Invite your team to restoration by adding massage service to their wellness retreat experience.

As the saying goes, “A healthy team means a healthy company.”

Contact us today to schedule your service

Health Retreat

Mind, Body & Soul

Wellness Retreat

Party Events

Who said a baby shower, bachelorette party, or bachelor party shouldn’t include on-site massages?

No one.

Your special event can and will feature the works.

Our certified massage therapist’s magic touch will have your attendees talking about your event for months!

Contact us today to book your package.

Bridal Shower

Bachelorette Party

Baby Shower