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Remove Whiteheads & Blackheads

Extractions are extremely beneficial for patients that have oily or acne prone skin.

When done correctly, extractions can clear closed comedones (AKA those tiny, flesh-colored bumps that never come to a head, yet never really go away).

Sebum in the skin will harden or oxidize forming blackheads or comedones.

Extractions are safe and involves loosening the skin then gently as possible extract manually or with modalities.

This aides in cleansing of the pores and helping to prevent future breakouts.

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30 Minutes | $65

Booking Policy

Bookings close 1 hour before the session starts.
Cancellation Policy: Mink Total Medical Spa work on an appointment schedule with very little ability to fill spots at the last minute.  All bookings require a NON REFUNDABLE deposit. Should the need arise to cancel or reschedule reservations, a 48-hour advance notice is required. Insufficient notice to cancel or reschedule reservations will result in charges up to full service value. All no show reservations will result in charges up to full service value. We DO NOT give refunds on deposits, services or gift cards. Spa Events are subject to terms of agreement for cancellations. Our time is just as important as yours, no exceptions will be made.