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Piece Of Heaven Massage

Cancer Doesn't Cancel Massages

Clients who are receiving anti-cancer drug therapy (chemo) or radiation therapy require specialized care.

This makes the careful customization of your massage more critical than ever.

Oncology massages are provided by our licensed therapist, who is certified and trained to attend to the needs of your delicate skin.

All products are natural and chemical-free to prevent your skin from being furthered compromised.

A cancer diagnosis doesn’t mean you can’t receive stress-relieving spa services.

But it does mean that you should see a therapist who has been educated to ask the right questions and who can modify your services to avoid harm.

You’ll be in good hands with Mink Total.

Note: This service is ONLY recommended for clients whose last infusion will be at least 14 days before their spa appointment OR whose next infusion will be no more than one day after their spa appointment.

If you are not sure if you should book an appointment or have questions, please contact us to be certain you are not putting yourself in danger.

Oncology massage.

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50 Minutes | $125
Piece Of Heaven Massage

Booking Policy

Bookings close 1 hour before the session starts.
Cancellation Policy: Mink Total Medical Spa work on an appointment schedule with very little ability to fill spots at the last minute.  All bookings require a NON REFUNDABLE deposit. Should the need arise to cancel or reschedule reservations, a 48-hour advance notice is required. Insufficient notice to cancel or reschedule reservations will result in charges up to full service value. All no show reservations will result in charges up to full service value. We DO NOT give refunds on deposits, services or gift cards. Spa Events are subject to terms of agreement for cancellations. Our time is just as important as yours, no exceptions will be made.