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Stretch Mark Treatment

Reduce Appearance Of Your Marks

Our customized Stretch Mark Treatment is designed to rebuild, lighten, tighten and reduce the appearance of your stretch marks.

 Our Licensed Esthetician will determine how many treatments are needed based on the depth of the stretch marks, condition of the skin, age and ethnicity of the client. 

This treatments require the use of a combination of modalities to achieve results. 

For maximum results we recommend a series of 6 treatments but may require more if the depth of the marks are deep and/or raised.

 This AMAZING service has NO downtime and will not only reduce the appearance of stretch marks but it will also rejuvenate dry cracked skin.

Clients who are pregnant, breast feeding or are prone to Keloids may not be a suitable for this treatment. 

New moms MUST wait 8-10 weeks post-partum.

50 Minutes | $175
Stretch Mark Treatment

Booking Policy

Bookings close 1 hour before the session starts.
Cancellation Policy: Mink Total Medical Spa work on an appointment schedule with very little ability to fill spots at the last minute.  All bookings require a NON REFUNDABLE deposit. Should the need arise to cancel or reschedule reservations, a 48-hour advance notice is required. Insufficient notice to cancel or reschedule reservations will result in charges up to full service value. All no show reservations will result in charges up to full service value. We DO NOT give refunds on deposits, services or gift cards. Spa Events are subject to terms of agreement for cancellations. Our time is just as important as yours, no exceptions will be made.