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Cellulite Treatment

Our Cellulite Treatment uses modalities that generate heat energy and increases the temperature in the deep layers of the tissues of the skin which helps to promote collagen and assist with the appearance of cellulite, sagging skin and refining overall skin tone. It is all non- invasive, requires no downtime from daily activities, safe and effective. Our Therapist will build a treatment plan for you based on your health history, body goals and condition of your skin.
RECOMMENDATION: You MUST be in good health in order to do this treatment. If you are under the care of a physician you MUST provide proof of clearance before service is performed. A comprehensive consultation will be done to determine if this service would be a good option for you. This service can be done once per week.
50 Minutes | $175
Cellulite Treatment

Booking Policy

Bookings close 1 hour before the session starts.
Cancellation Policy: Mink Total Medical Spa work on an appointment schedule with very little ability to fill spots at the last minute. All bookings require a NON REFUNDABLE deposit. If you need to cancel or reschedule, we are here to assist you. We ask that you give us no less than 48 hours notice. Please note: If you cancel or do a “no show” you agree to forfeit your deposit. Gift certificates MUST be used by the expiration date. We do not give extensions on Gift Certificates. Our time is just as important as yours, no exceptions will be made.