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Hydrating Toner

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Hydrating Toner.

Toner and wash are thee dynamic duo when it comes to skin care.

After you give your face an invigorating and royal cleanse, you should use toner to suss out any
remaining impurities and restore your skin’s PH balance.

This weightless hydrating toner reduces inflammations and helps repair your skin.


  • Watermelon extract
  • Apple extract
  •  Lentil fruit extract
  •  Jania rubens extract
  •  Evening primrose oil

Use twice daily (morning and night) after washing your face and before applying your

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Product Size

7 oz.

1 review for Hydrating Toner

  1. Lori

    I use this on my face daily after I cleanse. It smells great and help keep my skin beautiful.

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