Massage Therapy Aims to Relax You Physically and Mentally?


Massage therapy services are a great way to restore your body, both physically and mentally. By using gentle, rhythmic strokes and pressure, massage therapy can help reduce stress, improve circulation, and increase overall relaxation. Physically, massage therapy can help reduce muscle tension, reduce inflammation and pain, and improve the range of motion and flexibility. You can also improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and fatigue. As your medical skin care clinic in Charleston, SC, the team at Mink Total Medical Spa and Wellness offers a range of massages that can help melt the stress out of your life.

Massages Available at Our Skin Treatment Clinic


As your skin treatment clinic in Charleston, SC, Mink Total Medical Spa and Wellness offers an extensive massage menu to our clients. Enjoy a back massage or neck and shoulder massage to melt away aches and pains, or enjoy a hot stone massage, European massage or Swedish massage therapy. Deep tissue massage therapy is perfect for treating trouble areas, helping your body restore function while ensuring that you are ready to take on anything that comes your way. Supplement your massage with a skin care treatment so that you can always look and feel great at all times.

Schedule Your Massage in Charleston, SC Today


If you are looking for hot stone therapy or other massage services in Charleston, SC, choose Mink total Medical Spa and Wellness. For an appointment, contact our helpful team today at (843) 984-0634.

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